Hypertufa Hex Kit

Hypertufa Hex Kit

The highly popularized Hypertufa planter mix is a favorite for garden crafters. This kit makes Hypertufa easy and fun. No more guessing involved with this all in one planter kit. Ratios are properly measured and ready to mix. 

Hypertufa is a very lightweight cementous mix that incorporates Vermiculite, Peat Moss and Cement. At NativeCast we use signature eco-concrete to make this planter extra special. Hypertufa planters are a favorite amoung gardeners for the pourous plant loving conditions and rustic moss growinging look.   

Each Kit includes:

Eco-Concrete Mix, Peat Moss, Vermiculite, Mix/Troweling Stick and Step-by-Step Instructions  

Difficulty: Intermediate

This product is exlusively a planter kit- Plants not included