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18 September 2014

The Washington Post featured NativeCast containers as the perfect containers for herbs due to their excellent drainage, optimal size and ability to be left outside in the winter since the garden containers are freeze-resistant.

Image: The Washington Post-Image
18 September 2014
Originally a post from Gardenista, Yahoo Homes picked up the story describing NativeCast containers as “Modern, Minimalist, and American Made...
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18 September 2014

Out of thousands of products This Old House editors combed through, NativeCast’s Cast Wood Trough stood out as a pick for the ‘Top 100 New Home Products of 2013’. 

Image: This Old House- Image
18 September 2014

Coined “Plantable Art, NativeCast’s Cast Wood Planter II was featured in Better Homes and Gardens September container round-up story. 

Image: Better Homes and Gardens Image