What makes our concrete "green"

A century's old practice reimagined

What is this thing called green concrete?

NativeCast’s green concrete is a light weight cement based composite. Cement, the main ingredient in concrete, acts as a binder to the sand and rock aggregate. When mixed with water it forms concrete. The cement we use along with the other raw materials in our mixture are locally sourced in the northeastern regions of the United States. While cement production is not carbon neutral, it does have offsetting social benefits. The energy and carbon emissions of concrete (per ton) are among the lowest of all building materials, even lower than wood. Concrete is the most-used material in the world.

The green aspects of NativeCast’s material consists of two main parts, the natural (sand, coniferous mulch, clam shells) and recycled (post consumer plastic, concrete reclaimed from roadways and other construction demolition). These such ingredients function as the structural elements of our material. Together with cement they form the Green concrete mix we use in all of products at NativeCast. The merging of such components proves to be an environmental alternative to concrete. These elements have been carefully selected to lighten our mix and still retain strength. Recent breakthroughs in our casting process allow us to produce our newer products at a fraction of the weight of ordinary concrete.

A happy and healthy home for your plants

Concrete is a natural product and has been a favorite building material of architects and designers for centuries. In addition to its ever-diversifying uses and aesthetic appeal, concrete has many inherent qualities that promote the growth of healthy plants. Just like us, your plants need to breathe and drink, and NativeCast's green concrete has a porous structure that acts like a sponge, allowing air and moisture to move into the root strucutre of plants. Unlike solid plastics or metals, our planters maintain a more constant soil temperature for your plants in the heat of summer and the chill of cooler spring and fall temperatures.

If properly cared for, your NativeCast products can literally take on a life of their own, playing host to beautiful lichens and mosses. They will weather and age with a beautiful richness much like classic concrete urns. NativeCast’s concrete wares are crafted with care and quality to last our customers for many years.

Pine Mulch

Natural materials such as coniferous mulch serve as part of the structural elements in our custom green concrete mix.

Recycled Materials

Recycled plastics, reclaimed concrete, and other construction demolition materials used in our green concrete make our wares extremely light and durable.