A quick biography of Ricky Giacco

Photo of Ricky Giacco, Founder and President of NativeCast

Ricky Giacco, Founder of NativeCast

About the artist and founder of NativeCast

Meet Ricky Giacco, Founder of NativeCast

To designer Ricky Giacco, containers are not just about plants. Instead, his works are about transforming the atmosphere of a room, garden, or even an entire house.  

 An avid container gardener, Giacco saw an opportunity to modernize garden planters by combing a light-weight, green concrete with a sleek design.  Giacco founded NativeCast in 2010 and began creating containers that marry high art and functional design.

Each NativeCast piece is conceived, created and individually hand cast by Giacco. All of his handcrafted, unique planters are made with green concrete and natural materials, like sand, shells, pine needles, and other recycled supplies native to the Mid-Atlantic region.  Ricky Giacco strives to good steward of the earth by creating eco-friendly, sustainable designs.

Giacco continues to container garden and perfect his craft in Delaware. 


The gardening connection

In the beginning I worked large scale, creating big heavy pieces cast in place. This buisiness was successful for clients with large homes and spacious gardens, but I felt there was more oppurtunity to reach a broader audience if I could design a product line that was beautiful, portable and affordable. I still wanted to use my green concrete mix that had so many great qualities for container gardening, but concrete has one flaw: its weight. So the first challenge I tackled was to develop a new mix that was dramatically lighter than traditional concrete.

Developing the perfect mix

For many months, I experimented with various lightweight materials until settling on my custom blend of eco-friendly concrete made with recycled products and ingredients native to the region (shells, sand, pine needles, etc.) This mix is the basis now for all of my work at NativeCast, because it’s durable, lightweight, casts beautifully, and is easy on the planet.

Today, my mix is used for more than planters, as I have branched out into designing and producing an entire collection of home decor products. I feel my creativity is being challenged on a daily basis to craft new and exciting pieces, and I hope my artistry and passion for the environment shows through in my designs.”