The history of NativeCast products and brand

A brief history of our company

NativeCast was founded in April 2010 with an initial concrete planter design we called the "Delaware Coast Planter." From the very beginning, we had ideas on how to use locally sourced recycled concrete and other natural materials from the mid Atlantic to produce our cast stone wares. A previous sculptural business venture, EarthPlanter LLC, had allowed us to create much larger, custom planters using traditional construction concrete. Our vision with NativeCast is to expand beyond the limitations of traditional concrete and design smaller and lighter vessels, but with a similar aesthetic appeal of the old world concrete urns from centuries past.

We set up shop in Wilmington, Delaware in May 2010. In our newly outfitted production studio, we introduced our first product within a month and sold them locally through gift and floral shops. In July we were one of the few start-up companies chosen for the “Young Designers Showcase” at the prestigious New York International Gift Show. That honor established our national exposure and encouraged us to take a broader distribution focus beyond our local region, especially to those in larger cities and to climates conducive to year round gardening.

Now in our second year, our focus is on creating new designs, product offerings and expanding our national reach. Over the past year we have introduced at least ten new products with plans and inspiration in the works for many more. Recent efforts to reach our customers and strengthen our brand have resulted in our new name, NativeCast.

We think this describes us very well – natural, regional materials, cast into lasting works of functional beauty.

Brandywine Bowl - 03