The philosophy of NativeCast

Two Round Planters

What we’re all about at NativeCast

Doing what we love

First and foremost, the people behind NativeCast are dedicated to creating the finest quality handcrafted concrete wares you’ll ever find. All products are made in the USA with ingredients native to the mid Atlantic region. Our passion for horticulture and environmentally responsible business practices is integral to all facets of our work. We celebrate the fundamental relationship people have with plants and the artful ways we incorporate them in our lives.

We also believe that our world is a delicate eco-system that demands our respect and care. As a result, we are committed to recycling at least 90% of all trash produced at our facility. In fact, we don’t even have a dumpster on site, and reuse concrete and packing and shipping materials routinely.

As designers and craftsmen we live to create functional sculpture, and each step of the process has its unique gratifications. The daily production of hand-casting molds and creating long lasting sculpture drives the core of our business. It challenges us daily to innnovate and develop new techniques and new products.

The greatest feeling though, is when we receive feedback from a customer who is delighted with a purchase or received great customer service from us. At NativeCast we have dedicated ourselves to the quality of our product and service. Have a comment or question to share with us? We sincerely invite your feedback, ideas and suggestions, so please be in touch!